JCDecaux Nurture, a programme aimed to assist start-ups in scaling up by providing them a voice in the real world and growing brand awareness and trust through Out-of-Home advertising, has started in Lithuania.

This unique programme was first launched in the UK in 2016, and is also available in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Denmark.

According to the Unicorns Lithuania Association, the Lithuanian start-up ecosystem is expanding, with 766 active start-ups in the country. The number of start-ups climbed by 4% in the first quarter of this year. Lithuanian start-ups increased the country's budget by € 60.6 million in the first quarter of 2022, a 43 percent increase over the same period last year (€ 34.5 million).

Lithuania has several terrific success stories about firms becoming unicorns. All trends indicate that there is enormous potential and great ideas that could attract investors and the worldwide market. Nurture ensures that start-up firms can utilize Out-of-Home media confidently, optimizing their OOH media expenditure and ensuring that it works hard to reach and influence the greatest number of potential consumers possible.

„This programme represents our company's involvement in new businesses and their growth. Start-ups typically have a lot of good ideas and objectives, but they frequently face marketing and communication issues. It is critical for all businesses, whether physical or virtual, to be visible in the real world. JCDecaux Nurture will assist young companies in increasing their visibility in Lithuania and beyond." Zaneta Fomova, Chief Executive Officer, JCDecaux Lithuania

Start-ups can gain access to mentoring, insight, marketing support, and investment matching through the Nurture programme, allowing them to create accountable, efficient, and proven effective Out-of-Home programs.

“Lithuania is the  eleventh  country to join the JCDecaux Nurture community, and we hope that it will be beneficial to the start-up ecosystem. This programme expands potential to create brands not only in the local market, but also on a global scale. Starting immediately, start-ups will have an excellent chance to thrive from Out-of-Home advertising to increase brand awareness and successful growth” Ernestas Kapacinskas, Sales Director, JCDecaux Lithuania