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1. Visibility study

We are not interested in what you say you look at or what do you remember – what interests us is where exactly were you looking and for how long?

Outdoor is not meant for conscious consumption, thus we don`t ask but track your eye fixations.

2. Panel Audit

Based on visibility study, panel audit is done according to strict internationally accepted guidelines.

Reviewed and approved by the Outdoor Impact technical commitee.

3. Travel Survey

1,250 people living in Vilnius and representing all demographical groups selected by RAIT/Factum agency and filling in travel diary for 7 consecutive days.

Digitized on an electronic map – resulting in more than 500,000 Baltic journeys on a map.

4. Traffic and Pedestrian Flows

  • Purchased from independent suppliers, who also supply Vilnius city municipality and reviewed on an annual basis.
  • Makes Outdoor Impact contact data relevant, up-to-date and precise.
  • Pedestrian counts conducted in Top50 most important city locations.