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Digital Network

The digital display network of JCDecaux Lithuania provides brands with various opportunities for creative communication. We offer flexible content changes and a possibility to broadcast advertisements adapted to specific weather conditions or time. The digital display network does not only stand out for its HD quality, but also for the fact that clients can take advantage of technological solutions to integrate data into their advertisements or to link content to social media.

Measurable audience

JCDecaux Lithuania together with the Danish company AllUnite implemented a solution in Vilnius – Wi-Fi sensors for mobile devices integrated in digital outdoor advertising displays. These sensors allow accurately seeing the traffic of pedestrians, people in vehicles and cyclists and how it varies throughout the day, the days of the week and different seasons.

Regularly updated information on weekly traffic is always available at www.jcdecaux.lt/digitalsrautai

Golden Pedestrian Circle

22 displays, 13 locations. Click here for the locations of the displays.

The average weekly traffic on this network: 1,62M flow of people

Digital HD advertising displays in the centre of Vilnius, oriented towards the pedestrian traffic, ensure the communication of your message and give you new communication opportunities.

Green Bridge

12 displays. Click here for the locations of the displays.

The average weekly traffic on this network: 535K flow of people

The first digital Full HD transport waiting areas in Vilnius at the most popular public transport stop!

Panorama: city within a city

16 displays in all the key areas of the Panorama shopping mall.
The average weekly traffic on this network: 100K flow of people

The Panorama shopping mall is the closest shopping and leisure centre to the city centre in the affluent Žvėrynas neighbourhood. It is surrounded by a growing business centre district and has 65,000 highly skilled specialists and managers within a 3 km radius. Many of them plan their business meetings and lunches here.
The centre that attracts over 7 million visitors a year, the extremely high conversion rates, the growing revenues of the shops, the newly opened Gourmet area and our network covering all the key areas of this shopping mall – all of this opens up completely new opportunities to strengthen and expand your communication.

City Traffic

14 locations with 17 HD displays.

The average traffic of the City Traffic network is 2,41M  flow of people
City Traffic helps brands to have even greater coverage in Vilnius.