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Our service

Cyclocity service is known to over 99% of Vilnius inhabitants and ranked by 9.2 points out of possible 10 – our bicycles really did become essential part of city life. Cyclocity is not only about the bikes – it is a sophisticated system including tracking and servicing bicycles every day, managing flow between the terminals and ensuring maximal safety and comfort for all users. Mostly  of subscribers aged 25 to 34, who use Cyclocity as a tool of communication in the inner city area, bringing a touch of brigthness to Vilnius from early April to late October.

Sustainable transport

People of Vilnius have already travelled over 1.5 million kilometers on our bikes, meaning that tens of thousands of liters of fossil fuel didn`t need to be burnt in the city. Every single bike has already travelled more than 5.000 km – a distance equal to the one between Lithuania and India!

Trendy & Cool

Our bikes allow to have at least several minutes for yourself even in the middle of a hard-working day and at the same time, they help in maintaining healthy lifestyle. Using a bike for 30 minutes (which are free for all our clients) helps in burning around 250 kcal.

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