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1. Objectives

Setting media objectives:

  • Your campaign media split and the function outdoor plays in it

  • Are you aiming at long-term (image) or short-term (promotion & sales) results?

  • The KPIs that need to be reached in order to prove campaign was a success

  • What overall reach and frequency results are expected

2. Audience

  • Providing us with exact target group helps us to choose the right format or their combination for you and calibrate its locations

  • We do it by applying Outdoor Impact and municipal data

  • Data which we have available predicts which format or their mix will fit best to reach your audience

3. Planning

  • Knowing the message of your campaign, we choose locations accordingly (long- or short-term visibility)

  • Wide geographical choice (1.300+ locations in Lithuania) helps us in making each campaign adapted to your needs

  • Networks aimed at specific audiences are readily available (i.e. Grocery shoppers).


4. Design 

  • We use AI tool Creative  Heatmap developed by JCDecaux  to make outdoor posters more effective

  • Local team member will review your poster and advice if changes would be needed

  • We can also educate your creative agency or marketing department on what works and what`s not outdoors

5. Launch

  • Once your campaign is launched, our maintenance team will take care of it looking impeccably well

  • We will react to issues and quickly change posters if needed

  • We can make sure that you will get several photos of your campaign (this service is offered at an additional cost)

6. Measurement

  • Outdoor Impact will provide you with expected campaign results before it will go live,

  • While post-campaign research will prove whether targets were met (this service is provided at an additional cost)

  • Together with campaign results we will provide you with benchmarks generated by similar campaigns

7. Revision

  • After your campaign will  be over, we would like to discuss its performance and your feedback

  • We will bring our evidence to the meeting or send it to you beforehand

  • We would specifically like to hear whether the KPIs discussed at the beginning of the campaign were met

8. Feedback

  • Media develops on a daily basis –  so learning from results is a never ending process...
  • ... that will enable us make your future campaigns even more effective!