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Period: November 21-27, 2023
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JCDecaux Lithuania, together with the Danish company “AllUnite”, have developed a solution in Vilnius - wireless (Wi-Fi) sensors for mobile devices integrated in digital outdoor advertising panels. 

These sensors enable JCDecaux Lithuania to see exact flow of pedestrians, people in vehicles, and cyclists, as well as how it changes on a daily, weekly, or seasonal basis.

The traffic monitoring solution operates on a reliable technology. A wireless sensor and antenna are integrated into the digital outdoor panel. They record the people who walk across the digital screens, and more specifically their mobile devices, which transmit a wireless signal. Digital screens are visible from a distance of 70 meters, so the data is captured with an analog radius. After receiving the signal, all the data is anonimyzed in less than 2 seconds, and all information is displayed in real-time on a special online platform.

Additionally, the implementation of the solution considered whether or not the mobile device's wireless connection was turned off. As a result, a calibration was performed: to confirm the accuracy of the data, “AllUnite” representatives monitored traffic in the city in real-time at specified digital outdoor locations and later compared the data to that received from sensors. The average sample error was only approximately 6 percent, as devices that are in the measured radius throughout the day can also enter the calculated flow.