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The "JCDecaux Nurture" program aims to encourage start-up success stories, providing opportunities for young brands to grow brand awareness and trust not only in Lithuania but also in global markets. This program is designed for early stage start-ups.

1. Mentorship

When startups join the Nurture program, they receive mentorship from the JCDecaux team, insights derived from data analysis for campaign planning, learn how to create effective visuals and how to successfully use digital outdoor advertising to effectively use marketing budget.

2. Data

Working with us, you will receive data-based recommendations and the ability to geographically place advertisements according to the audiences you want to reach. The research tools we use will allow you to choose the most effective solutions to reach the target audience.

3. Financing

We are looking forward to supporting young businesses throughout their growth journey. So that startups could use outdoor advertising effectively, we help optimize OOH spending, contributing to the budget and increasing audience reach.

4. International Reach

The Nurture network provides opportunities to establish yourself not only in the local market but also in the global context. The program currently operates in Lithuania, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Switzerland, Denmark, the USA, and New Zealand.

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