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JCDecaux is committed to protecting the confidentiality of the information provided by the Internet user. Any personal data provided by an Internet user that is required for the use of certain JCDecaux services is subject to the legislation governing the protection of personal data. According to such legislation, the Internet user is guaranteed the right to be informed about his/her personal data and their processing, to demand their rectification or deletion, and to require to suspend the processing of such personal data (except for retention).

You can contact us regarding the aforementioned rights at this address in writing at any time:
JCDecaux LIETUVA UAB, Vilniaus g. 31, Vilnius, LT-01402 Lietuva,
or by e-mail

When processing personal data, JCDecaux has the right to transfer them to third parties, which are not considered authorized persons, only with the prior written consent of the data subject. Persons authorised to receive and process personal data shall be deemed to be the relevant staff of JCDecaux whose functions are related to the processing and/or security of such personal data and authorized representatives of JCDecaux partners and service providers to which personal data are disclosed only to the extent necessary for the provision of a particular product or service. The exception to the obligation to transfer personal data without the consent of the data subject is laid down in the legislation governing the legal protection of personal data.

The Cookies Policy

Last updated: May 2021

This Cookies Policy is aimed at providing you with some information about how we manage cookies and other trackers when you use our website available at and how you can manage your choices in relation to such cookies and trackers.

Access to the Cookies Preferences Platform

1.    What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file stored by the browser on your equipment (computer, phone…) that records information relating to your navigation on a website or mobile application. 
We use the term “cookies” to designate cookies, trackers and similar technologies.
Cookies have multiple uses: they enable identifying you so that you can access to your account, managing a shopping cart, memorizing your browsing language, follow your navigation for statistics analysis or advertising purposes…

2.    What are the different types of cookies?
Cookies can be classified depending on:

•    Their lifetime:
-    Session cookies, which are temporary and kept in the memory of your browser only when it is open. As soon as you shut your browser, these cookies are deleted from your history.
-    Persistent cookies, which have a predefined lifetime, determined on the basis of their purpose. These cookies remain on your equipment until they expire or until you delete them manually by using the functionalities of your browser.

•    Their source:
-    First party cookies, which are deposited directly by the publisher of the website or the mobile app you are consulting, or by its service providers on its behalf.
-    Third party cookies, which are deposited by partners authorised by the publisher. The deposit, use and monitoring of these cookies are dealt with by third parties and governed by the privacy policy of such third parties.

•    Their purposes:
-    Necessary cookie, which are strictly necessary to the good functioning of the website or deposited to provide an online communication service requested expressly by the user. Several purposes may be covered by these cookies, such as recording cookies preferences chosen by the user, authentication with a service, keeping a shopping cart in memory, invoicing purchased products or services, customizing the user interface (e.g.: language choice, presentation of a service), maintaining the security of the website…
-    Other cookies, which may have various purposes (analytics, advertisement, social networks sharing…). 

3.    What types of cookies are used on our website and for what purposes?
On our website, we use the following cookies:
•    Necessary Cookies
These cookies enable us to:
-    Ensure the proper functioning of the website’s content management system (Drupal)
-    Safeguard the language of navigation chosen by the user
-    Safeguard cookies preferences and transfer consent information to partners
-    Protect the website against spam enquiries on contact form
These cookies are managed by us and service providers acting on our behalf.
•    Audience Measurement Cookies 
These cookies enable us to improve user’s experience and the quality of our services by establishing anonymous audience and frequentation statistics of the website.
On our website, we use Google Analytics. To learn more about how Google may process your data, please review their Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy – Privacy & Terms – Google.
•    Social networks sharing cookies
These cookies enable us to display and upload a toolbar to share content on the main social networks.
On our website, we use AddThis. To learn more about how AddThis may process your data, please review their Privacy Policy:
We inform you that if you click on a social network link proposed on our website, you will be redirected directly to the website of such social network. Your data will then be processed according to the privacy rules of such network.
•    Video Cookies 
These cookies enable you to read videos posted on our website when you click on them.
On our website, we use Vimeo and YouTube.     
To learn more about how Vimeo may process your data, please review their Privacy Policy: 
To learn more about how YouTube may process your data, please review their Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy – Privacy & Terms – Google.
4.    How can you manage your cookies preferences?
Necessary cookies are not subject to your prior consent. 
They will be automatically deposited on your terminal when you connect to the website.
You can still object to them and delete them by using the settings of your browser but please be informed that in this case, your user experience may be highly degraded, and the website may not function as expected.
In addition, please be informed that your choices regarding acceptance or rejection of cookies are managed by cookies deposited by our Consent Management Platform, Didomi. If you deactivate these cookies in the settings of your browser, we will no longer be able to remember your choices.

Other cookies are subject to your prior consent. 
They will be deposited only if you explicitly accept them, either globally or individually, by clicking on the agreement buttons. If you click on the refusal buttons, on the Continue without agreeing link (as the case may be) or if you continue navigating without making any choice, these cookies will not be deposited.
You may modify your choices at any time via the Cookies Preferences Platform.
You may also configure your browser to prevent cookies from being deposited on your equipment. The configuration of each browser is different:
-    For Internet Explorer
-    For Chrome
-    For Firefox
-    For Safari

5.    Contact 
If you have any question regarding this Cookies Policy, you may contact us:
-    By email:
-    By post: UAB “JCDecaux Lietuva”, Vilniaus g. 31, LT-01402, Vilnius, Lithuania

Project "10sek" privacy notice

Last updated: May 12, 2023

The purpose of this privacy notice is to provide you with information about how UAB "JCDecaux Lietuva" (Vilniaus st. 31, LT-01402 Vilnius; company code: 110587629), acting as an independent personal data controller, processes personal data while implementing the "10sek" project. (the “Project”).

We use your personal data only for the purposes and procedures specified in this notice. We may review and change this notice so that it complies with legal acts and provide you with relevant information about how we process your personal data, so we recommend periodically checking whether you are familiar with the current version of the notice.

What personal data do we process and for what purposes?

     For the purpose of selecting Project participants, we process the information you provided in the Project application (name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, video material submitted by you together with the application to participate in the Project).

     In order to carry out the Project, JCDecaux's public outdoor screens in Vilnius will publicize (show) the video piece submitted by the selected Project participant  (“Work”) and the personal data in it, if the Project participant chooses to use such in the video material.

     For the purpose of communicating with the Project participant, UAB „JCDecaux Lietuva“ will manage the Project participant's e-mail address, e-mail message metadata and information provided in the email letter.

      For the purpose of publicizing the Project, UAB "JCDecaux Lietuva" may process the Project participant's name, surname, position, information about the activity, testimonial, image (photo) and/or video work submitted to the Project and personal data in it, if the Project participant chooses to use such in the video material. These Project participant data may be published on the JCDecaux website, social network accounts and submitted for publication in the media.

On what legal basis do we process your personal data?

In order to process the personal data of the Project participant, UAB "JCDecaux Lietuva" can invoke various legal bases, including the following:

     The need to perform actions prior to the conclusion of the contract, to conclude the contract, to fulfil obligations under the contract (during the selection of Project participants, personal data of the Project participant (if any) are processed in the Work for publicity during the implementation of the Project and communication with the Project participant);

      Based on the legitimate interest of UAB "JCDecaux Lietuva" to publicize the Project and to promote promising video artists and their creativity – for processing of personal data while promoting the Project on the "JCDecaux" website, social network accounts and for submission of information about the Project to the mass media;

     In accordance with the legitimate interest of UAB „JCDecaux Lietuva“ to carry out the Project – for the disclosure of the personal data of third parties (if any) in the Work.

Who do we provide your data to?

UAB "JCDecaux Lietuva" does not provide your personal data to any persons, except for the cases described in this privacy notice. In order to achieve the purposes of processing personal data specified in this privacy notice and if it is necessary, your personal data may be provided to the following persons:

     For JCDecaux employees: The data and material provided by you when you apply for the Project will be available to the responsible employees of JCDecaux, who will select the Project participants and communicate with the Project participant;

        For public authorities: when required by legal acts or when it is necessary to protect the rights of UAB „JCDecaux Lietuva“;

      For mass media: We can present your image, name, testimonial, excerpt of the video work to the media for the purpose of disseminating the Project, promising video artists and their creativity to the society;

       For data processors: UAB „JCDecaux Lietuva“ has the right to transfer your personal data to data processors which provide data hosting and other IT services to us.

How long do we store your personal data?

UAB "JCDecaux Lietuva" stores your personal data for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes for which they were collected. In some cases, the law may require or permit us to retain data for a longer period.

Personal data:

     For the purpose of selecting Project participants is processed during the Project period and then stored for 3 years after the end of the Project;

      For the purpose of carrying out the Project is processed during the Project period and then stored for 3 years after the end of the Project;

        For the purpose of communicating with the Project participant is processed for 1 year after the end of the calendar year in which the communication took place, and after that stored without active processing;

•    For the purpose of publicizing the Project is processed as long as the information is relevant. Your personal data disclosed in the media may remain publicly available indefinitely or until the media terminates the disclosure.

 How do we ensure the security of your personal data?

In order to protect your data, we take appropriate measures that comply with data protection and data security laws. We use technical and organizational measures to protect against risks such as unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure, or access to your data.

What are your rights?

You have the right in accordance with the law:

      To get acquainted with your personal data being processed - you have the right to receive information about whether UAB "JCDecaux Lietuva" processes your personal data, and if so, to receive a copy of it, and to receive other related information;

      To request correction of your personal data processed by UAB "JCDecaux Lietuva" - if your data provided by UAB "JCDecaux Lietuva" has changed or you believe that the information about you processed by UAB "JCDecaux Lietuva" is inaccurate or incorrect, you have the right to demand that this information be changed, clarified or fix it;

       To request deletion of data - the right to demand "to be forgotten", if your personal data is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected, you withdraw your consent to process your personal data, if data processing was based on your consent, we process your personal data based on the legitimate interest and you object to such processing and there are no overriding legitimate reasons for processing data, we must delete your personal data in order to fulfil the legal obligations applicable to us, or your personal data was processed illegally. Please note that for legitimate reasons we will not always be able to implement this right of yours, for example, we may be required by law to store your personal data for a certain period. Note, we will not be able to delete your personal data made public by the media;

       To restrict the processing of your data - you have the right to restrict our processing of your personal data, if you dispute the accuracy of the data and we carry out the related analysis; if your personal data were processed illegally; if your personal data are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected, but you need it in order to assert, fulfil or defend legal claims; if you have objected to the processing of data as described below, until it is checked whether the legal reasons of UAB "JCDecaux Lietuva" are superior to your reasons;

       To disagree with the processing of your personal data - the right to object to your personal data being processed based on the legitimate interests of UAB „JCDecaux Lietuva“, unless these interests override your reasons;

      To request the transfer of your personal data processed by UAB "JCDecaux Lietuva" - the right to receive the personal data you have provided to us or the right to request the transfer of these data to another data controller in a structured, commonly used and computer-readable format, if the processing of your personal data is based on your consent or an agreement between us and your personal data are processed by automatic means. If the request is justified, we will provide you or your designated data controller with your personal data in a computer-readable format;

       To file a complaint with the supervisory authority - if you believe that we are processing your personal data illegally, you have the right to file a complaint with the State Data Protection Inspectorate.

You can exercise the above rights by submitting a written request signed with a qualified electronic signature to the email address No later than within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the request (the deadline may be extended for another two months), we will implement your rights and inform you or refuse to fulfil the request in writing, stating the reasons for the refusal.

UAB "JCDecaux Lietuva" data protection officer e-mail:

Privacy policy for processing personal data of employee candidates


1.            DATA CONTROLLER

1.1.        UAB "JCDecaux Lietuva", company code 110587629, registered office address: Vilniaus st. 31, LT-01402, Vilnius, Lithuania ("Company").

1.2.        Data protection officer e-mail:



2.1.        In order to select the right candidate for a vacant position, Company collects the following personal data of candidates:


  • name, surname;

  • e-mail address and/or telephone number;

  • information about the candidate's work experience, education, qualifications;

  • reviews and insights of the person who has performed candidate selection;

  • other information voluntarily submitted by candidates in CV, motivation letter or other documents. If the candidate provides such data, it will be processed in the same way as the candidate's personal data requested by the Company;

  • Special categories of personal data (e.g. health-related information) may be collected only when it is necessary for selection for a specific job position and only to the extent necessary and permitted by applicable legislation;

  • Candidate's qualifications, professional abilities and subject characteristics from the former employer after informing the candidate about this, and from the current employer only with the candidate's consent.



3.1.        In order to select the right candidate for a job vacancy, Company collects data with a legitimate interest in selecting the right candidate for a specific job position (Article 6 part 1 item f) of the Regulation).

3.2.        Company retains this data for 1 month from the end of the selection.



4.1.        Company receives personal data of the employee candidates:


  • directly from candidates in the form of a CV, motivation letter or other document;

  • from agencies providing employee selection services, job search portals, specialized social networks. In all these cases, the Company considers that the candidate is properly informed about the processing of his personal data and the transfer of this data to the Company.

4.2.        Access to personal data of employee candidates can also be granted to the following data recipients and data processors: competent state authorities only in cases where it is required by law or in order to defend the Company's rights; companies providing IT services, maintaining, and servicing the Company's e-mail system and servers; companies providing personnel selection services to the Company. Authorized Company employees of the personnel and IT departments, the general manager and the head of the relevant department with a vacancy will get acquainted with the data of the candidates for employees when the examination of the special competences of employees is carried out.

4.3.        Candidate data is not sent outside the EEA.



5.1.        Candidate whose personal data the Company processes has the following rights:


  • To request for confirmation as to whether Company processes data related to the candidate and, if so, to request access to the processed data and related information;
  • To request to correct or supplement incomplete personal data;

  • To request the deletion of the information Company has about the candidate if the Company uses it illegally or in other circumstances specified in the applicable legal acts (for example, the legal basis for data processing);

  • To request to restrict the processing of personal data, if you dispute the accuracy of the data or object to the data processing, you do not agree to the deletion of your unlawfully processed data, or you need the data in order to assert, exercise or defend legal claims;

  • To disagree or withdraw previously given consent to process the candidate's personal data, when it is processed on the basis of consent;

  • To file a complaint with the State Data Protection Inspectorate or the court.

5.2.        Please submit requests for the exercise of personal data rights in writing to:


  • by e-mail (the application must be signed with a qualified electronic signature) or
  • by mail to UAB "JCDecaux Lietuva", Vilniaus str. 31, LT-01402, Vilnius, Lithuania.

5.3.        Responses to data subjects' requests are submitted within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the request and all related documents necessary to prepare the response. The deadline can be extended in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts by notifying you in advance.


This Policy is subject to change without notice. Its latest version is always available at