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Two biggest outdoor advertising companies in Lithuania have officially unveiled a planning tool: "Outdoor Impact". Now outdoor advertising can be measured.

"Outdoor Impact" will enable clients to know in advance - how many people are going to see their posters This free tool is now available thanks to massive data collection and analysis, including people`s travelling patterns, calibrated cameras photos and even eye tracking.

"We have created a revolution in outdoor advertising. This new tool will enable our customers to make exact plans on how much and for how long an advertising is needed in order to effectively reach the audience. Our partners will know how many people and how often will see the advertising and calculate the effectiveness of their investments with us. We hope that this information will assure our partners that outdoor advertising is an effective communication channel" - Mrs. Zaneta Fomova, CEO of "JCDecaux Lithuania" has commented. Total investments into the project are estimated to reach 1 million litas (300,000 Euro) across 3 Baltic markets. They are covered by 2 biggest companies on the markets - namely "JCDecaux" and "Clear Channel".

New efficiency currency has also been introduced - a Contact. Each and every advertising location has been evaluated in order to understand how effective it is in contacting people. A total of over 2500 advertising locations are already included into the system`s database and it enables to see the total results of a Client`s campaign - namely it`s Reach, Frequency and the Number of Contacts. 

Full description of the system, it`s research parts and advantages is available at a dedicated website: . Presentation and installation of the software can be ordered at the same website.

Published in Lithuania, Baltics