Outdoor Impact study becomes an industry effort.

Outdoor Impact will change the way outdoor advertising is perceived and bought in this region by making it accountable and comparable to other media. „Outdoor Impact" continues the best practice and experience of the Nordic region as previous cases in Norway, Sweden and Finland were also realized by both companies as a cooperative project, enabling to save substantial amounts of money and also raising the importance of the research as a tool developed and recongized by the majority of the outdoor industry.

Travel survey project started.

Travel survey project with questionnaires developed in cooperation between both "Clear Channel", "JCDecaux" and "Outdoor Impact" technical committee members have just officially started in all 3 capitals. The research is decided to take place in May as it will showcase typical travel patterns unaffected by summer holidays season, Christmas and other non-typical travel periods. „Factum" group of companies, an independent research company is running the survey.

PSS software delivered, work on photo classification.

The companies have already received the software needed to evaluate each site from the audience point of view. The agreement was reached just in time for both companies data to be included into the final database which hopefully will be received until the end of 2011.

Audience insights already available in the Baltics.

Despite the fact that full-scale research is not yet done, industry players participating in the research are already capable of providing their customers with much more insights and information based on the best practice and case stories from our Nordic colleagues. Audience, not panels already becomes currency outdoors. 

We would like to repeat that the doors are always open for the other industry players to join us in this effort.

More information:

Clear Channel                       Everita Usacka                     everita.usacka@clearchannel.lv

JCDecaux Baltics                 Vadimas Komarskis              vadimas.komarskis@jcdecaux.lt