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During the 5th season of „Cyclocity Vilnius“ bike sharing sheme, a milestone of one million bike trips has been reached.

Andrius Milinavicius whose 7-minute long trip was registered on the 27th of May, has been declared the winner and awarded with unique „Cyclocity Forever“ membership, allowing to travel with city bikes for free as long as they will be present in the city.

“Cyclocity” appearance in Vilnius has been the best thing that happenned to the city. I still remember my first trip – I deliberately planned my stops next to bike rental points. I travel everywhere within minutes and don`t think about parking or safety“ – commented Andrius and added that he has stopped using private car 2 years ago feeling that the economy of sharing completely fulfills his transport needs.

According to “JCDecaux Lithuania“ statistics, ever season up to 5.000 long-term customers aged from 14 to 75 are using the city bikes. Every bike out of 300 present on the streets has already travelled 6.500 km – a distance equal to the one between the cities of Vilnius and Beijing.
„It`s obvious that the system is very important and useful: the people of Vilnius are exercising and saving time at the same time, as trips in city centre are often faster on bikes. Less cars in the city also means less traffic jams and less air pollution“ – Zaneta Fomova, CEO of „JCDecaux Lithuania“ has commented.

Published in Lithuania