"The Outdoor Museum" is dedicated to the old outdoor posters dated as far back as 1900-1940. Collection is showcasing in the company`s street furniture network.

"This is a museum located right under the sky in which we are showcasing in our opinion the best old lithuanian posters. Together with that it is the first museum of its kind which totally changes the concept of such activity because now instead of you going to the museum it is vice versa - it`s the museum that brings the art to you while you are waiting for your bus or simply walk on the streets. More than that, since the locations change every week - the exposition floats across the country and reaches more and more people while they are into their regular activities. To our opinion this could mark the beginning of a new era in museums history because it changes the whole idea of it" - Zaneta Fomova, CEO of "JCDecaux Lithuania" has commented.

The project is created in cooperation with leading Lithuanian museums, among the Siauliai City "Ausra" museum, which boasts the biggest old posters collection in the country. "JCDecaux" showcases digitally scanned pictures of the posters and in the nearest future plans to sign deals with more museums.

As Mrs. Fomova has commented, the posters are exposed in order to grow an interest in poster and advertising history and promote museums which collect them. Special emphasize has been put to promote social posters since they show many links with today`s situation, among them such issues as emigration, protection of out industries and anti-alcohol campaigns.

"Since we are the biggest outdoor advertising operator in our country, we feel responsibility for the whole sector. We also assist our museums to digitally scan and remaster the old posters and by doing it we help to save them for the future generations. Knowing the fact that museums often lack resources for such needs, we are sure that such cooperation is fruitful and useful for both parties" - Z. Fomova said.

The exposition changes every week and covers 5 largest cities of Lithuania. The places where posters are showcased could be found each week at the website dedicated to this project, http://www.outdoormuseum.lt/. It is also possible to see the whole collection of old posters online at the same website with an opportunity to rate and reveiw them.  The project has started in October and is planned to last until Christmas.